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I.I.Y. has always brought you things you will never be told, learn, or discover randomly.

Things that will change your life significantly in very positive ways.

We expose the things that allow you to achieve your dreams and live life freely.

We are a group with connections worldwide in every industry, everywhere, to the highest order.

You benefit from this, ALWAYS FREE.

We are a group that is turning the tables and balancing the scales.

There are things that are being kept from you that everyone in the world NEEDS to know.

Only the absolute Elite utilize these and/or do not want you to know at any cost because it would change everything for them..

These things will absolutely change your entire world in a massive way for the better.

We created this website for our final three projects; exposure numbers 94, 95, and 96. Each will be released in sequence of each other.

Current Exposure:

Exposure #94

Free Housing Exposed

Home ownership. It's something most will never achieve. Our house payment or rent is usually one of the highest expenses we have. With a radical, unstable economy, making that housing payment/rent has become more and more difficult. Until now. Insiders Informing You is currently revealing Free Housing Exposed (F.H.E.). This is a very powerful tool for you. It literally gives you home ownership in any area, any size home.

  • No discrimination
  • No credit checks
  • No income verification
  • No citizenship required
  • No background checks
  • No money paid out
  • No social security number
  • No age restrictions

The process is so simple, it takes about 60 seconds to complete, and you get the DEED immediately. Best of all, it allows you to live payment free for 3 to 6 years, with no commitments.
By simply doing this process, you help the community, the economy, and much more. It's completely legal, and is something they hope you never learn. Finally live in the home you feel you deserve, and in the neighborhood you choose. As always, when you see the name I.I.Y. it's always FREE to everyone.


About Us

At Insiders Informing You, our philosophy is simple:

For People, By People.

We fight for people, and we ask nothing in return. No strings attached PERIOD. We are a small group. No one has a title or position.

We expose, and bring you information that would never be made available to the general public.

This information is life changing. We don't just bring you helpful information, we bring you things that give you a massive edge in life.

We have connections in every industry globally, to the highest levels, learning the deepest secrets kept from outsiders, and most of all from you. We know things no one else knows yet.

We live in a world where everyone is taking, and no one is giving. Nothing is free, and when it is "free", you can believe there are many strings attached.

We have completely flipped that entire philosophy.
We believe people have it hard enough as it is.
We stand as a beacon for all people and have done so for decades.
We do not charge anyone for the exposures we share.
Everything is paid for by sponsors.
We believe it's time that people get a break.

I.I.Y. is also you. You make us possible. You are I.I.Y. People come forward all the time with secrets to be exposed outside of our connections (people helping people).

We are always updating new exposures, and information that will change your life in a positively massive way.

Release Date and other Updates

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October 19th 2023.

Exposure #94 release is set for early 2024 with the exact date to be announced.. Stay tuned.

Once posted, it will remain active for 2 months.

We suggest to download and share as much as you can in that time period.

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The world is changing so radically before our eyes!

An unpredictable, and unstable world economy has become the new normal.

We're told to stay inside, and do not go to work.
Who’s paying the bills?

We're told to wear a mask, and stay away from other people.
This is now the new normal.
What about humanity?

All small businesses globally are going bankrupt, and some large ones also.
Only the giant companies are thriving.

If some businesses do survive, will they be relevant in this new world normal?
Where will the jobs be?

Global dependency will be inevitable.

In a time where everything is taking, and nothing is giving…

We’re turning the tables.
We’re giving you what they cannot take away!

The best part is, as always with I.I.Y., it’s absolutely FREE for everyone.

Insiders Informing You
Exposure #94

We are IIY.
We always bring you things they do not want you to know, or ever find out.  Knowledge that will change your life dramatically in positive ways that put you back in control of your life.

Exposure #94
Consists of 2 things:

Free Housing Exposed

Home ownership regardless of your situation, with no payments for 3 to 6 years. You choose the area, neighborhood, and size of the home you want.

Find out what they haven’t been telling you, and never want you to know.